Rural Route Studio is an offshoot of Kelly Finan Illustration. These pieces are exemplified by a bold, black and white woodcut style that Kelly sometimes colors digitally. These graphics are easily and flawlessly reproduced through screen printing, on interpretive signs (where they don’t fade in the sun), and even on black and white laser jet printers (in the case of black and white graphics).

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Pennsatuckey | personal work
Carolina Wren | personal work
T-shirt design | Juniata College
Rainbow Trout | Yosemite National Park
New Beginning | personal work
Race Night at Seymour Downs | The Clean Oceans Project
Mining Geology | Ryan Mathur, PhD
Soul Searcher | Jessica Illuzzi
Blue-footed Boobies | Personal work
Logo | Susquehanna Clean Air Network
Clean Air Poster | Susquehanna Clean Air Network
Logo | Shared Roots Farm